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Climate Brunch with
Public Figures and Influencers

Climate Brunch with Public Figures and Influencers brought together young public figures and influencers with a wide range of outreach, including micro, medium, and mega influencers across various fields such as education, politics, environment, and business. This highlights the vital role of public figures as influential communicators to engage youth and the general public in confronting the challenges of climate change. The discussion started with presentations from several climate experts providing insights into Indonesia's pressing climate issues. The goal was to equip influencers with a deeper understanding of these challenges, empowering them to raise awareness through their social media platform and amplifying the urgency of addressing climate issues.

Participating Climate Experts

  1. Tiza Mafira, Director of Climate Policy Initiative Indonesia

  2. Almo Pradana, Deputy Program Director on Climate, Energy, Cities, and the Ocean of WRI Indonesia 

  3. Hendra Wahanu Prabandani, Director for Foreign Policy and International Development Cooperation, Ministry of National Development Planning (PPN/Bappenas)

Participating Public Figures and Influencers

  1. Andovi da Lopez

  2. Bianca Victoria

  3. Denia Isetianti

  4. Erika Richardo

  5. Jerhemy Owen

  6. Jovial da Lopez

  7. Kevin Geraldi

  8. Putri Jasmine

  9. Rifli Mubarak

  10. Putu Ayu Saraswati

  11. Zensa Hidayatul Rahman

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