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About Muda Bersuara

Muda Bersuara is a marathon of dialogues on climate issues, led by youths across Indonesia to gather, discuss, and voice out the importance and urgency of climate action in the nation.

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Logo Muda Bersuara - General - White.png

Muda Bersuara:
#GenNZ Pilih Iklim!

In February 2024, Indonesia held its General Election, where millions of Indonesians, including the youth, voted for the country’s executive leaders, legislative members, and local government leaders. Amidst this democratic process, aspiring leaders must grasp the gravity of the climate crisis, which poses imminent threats to Indonesian society and the global community. The future outlook hinges significantly on the actions of the younger and forthcoming generations, who are poised to inherit our planet.

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Muda Bersuara 2023

FPCI Climate Unit, in collaboration with Bijak Memilih, held a series of Muda Bersuara 2023 roadshow events in collaboration with FPCI Chapters in 6 different cities in Indonesia to promote the importance of the role of young people in determining the direction of climate policy that will be born and implemented in line with the 2024 General Elections. Given the urgency, the climate issue should be part of the political conversation, and Indonesia’s younger generation needs to be aware and actively participate in this conversation.

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Muda Bersuara 2022

In the momentum of the G20 Presidency of Indonesia and COP27 in Egypt, FPCI and youths from 30 universities all around Indonesia collectively convened “Muda Bersuara 2022” on Thursday, 29 September 2022 and Friday, 30 September 2022. There were 8 panel sessions on climate actions and efforts to achieve Indonesia’s net-zero emission goal.

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Muda Bersuara 2021

On 4-16 August 2021, in the spirit of climate solidarity leading up to Indonesia’s Independence Day, FPCI and 21 Universities in Indonesia presented “Muda Bersuara 2021: Selamatkan Generasi Emas 2045 dari Krisis Iklim.”

Muda Bersuara 2021 convened 10 dialogues in total, featuring 30 climate experts from notable organizations and institutions in the government, civil society, as well as private sectors. After 10 days of discussions, policy recommendations were formulated based on insights, best practices, and lessons learned from the speakers. Along with the policy recommendation, 21 Universities from Indonesia issued a Youth and Climate Joint Statement, reiterating their call to actions and commitments for a greener future, in celebration of Indonesia’s 76th Independence Day.

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