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In February 2024, Indonesia will hold its 2024 General Election. It is important for prospective leaders to understand the urgency of the climate emergency that will impact Indonesian society and the entire world. Future hope depends on the young generation and the next generation who will inherit our earth.

55% of the total voters for the 2024 Election are Generation Z and Millennials.

Seeing these figures, it is essential for the younger generation to be aware and wise in making their choices in the 2024 Elections. This data shows that Indonesian youth have great potential to be involved in determining the direction of Indonesian politics in the future.

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FPCI Climate Unit, in collaboration with Bijak Memilih, organized "Muda Bersuara: #GenNZ Pilih Iklim!" to underscore the critical role of young people in shaping climate policy aligned with the 2024 elections. Emphasizing the urgency of climate action, the program sought to integrate the climate issue into the political discourse, highlighting its significance in shaping the nation's future trajectory.

Khoirunnisa Agustyati.jpeg

Executive Director, The Association for Elections and Democracy (Perkumpulan untuk Pemilu dan Demokrasi / PERLUDEM)

Florida Andriana.jpg

Chief Growth Officer, Think Policy Indonesia; Co-Initiator, Bijak Memilih


Project Manager, FPCI Climate Unit

Laetania Belai Djandam.jpg

Dayak Environmental Activist

[Mod] Dayu Nirma Amurwanti.jpeg


Faculty Member of the International Relations Department, BINUS University

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Legislative Candidate of the House of Representatives (DPR RI) Electoral District DKI Jakarta II, National Awakening Party (PKB)

[Speaker] Hari Akbar Apriawan.jpg

Youth Spokesperson of Presidential Candidates Anies Baswedan - Muhaimin Iskandar

[Speaker] Mikhail Gorbachev Dom.jpg

Vice Secretary General of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI)

[Speaker] Manik Marganamahendra.jpg

Legislative Candidate of the Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) Electoral District DKI Jakarta VI, Indonesian Unity Party (Perindo)

[Mod] Salman Al Fathan 2.jpg


Partnership Associate, Think Policy Indonesia

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