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The Indonesian Climate Journalist Network is a platform for aspiring professional journalists in Indonesia to gain deeper insights on climate issues that are still rarely touched on in-depth due to limited access to information and expertise. The program will bring together ten selected journalists to undergo a capacity-building program. Participating journalists will join a series of workshops where they will get to partake in intensive dialogues with scholars, policymakers, and practitioners in the climate field from Denmark.


Journalists are encouraged to enter the public discourse through article analysis publications during the program. The objective is to increase the Indonesian public or grassroots understanding of climate change by enriching the discussion on climate issues and the Indonesia-Denmark green partnership into public discourse. This series of workshops will be concluded with a one-week trip to Denmark, where they will visit key government institutions and site visits of green/sustainability initiatives in Denmark and gain firsthand experience on climate action in the country.


  1. To enhance the climate-relevant/green partnership collaboration and cooperation between Indonesia and Denmark by utilizing the role of media in raising public awareness and understanding of climate issues in Indonesia and globally;

  2. To provide journalists the time and resources needed to gain a deep understanding and relevant knowledge on climate issues; 

  3. To facilitate an open and constructive dialogue between Indonesian journalists, Danish climate experts and/or practitioners.


  1. Capacity Building: Under this program, participating/selected journalists will gain extensive insight and knowledge from experts, policymakers, or practitioners. Journalists will hear the latest development on the six discussion topics and have a chance to exchange their views directly.

  2. Network Creation: This program seeks to connect Indonesian journalists interested in covering climate issues. The visit by essential facilities and organizations at the end of this program will allow them to interact with their Danish counterparts.

  3. Article Production: Selected journalists in this program are obliged to produce an article analysis after the workshop and publish it through the media platform they represent.


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