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MUI: Destroying Nature is Haram!

MUI's new fatwa that destroying nature is haram

The Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) recently issued Fatwa No. 86 of 2023 concerning the Law of Controlling Global Climate Change.

The ratification of this Fatwa is based on the increase in natural disasters due to the global climate crisis, which directly impacts all life factors. Therefore, collaboration and participation of the entire community and appropriate law enforcement are needed to control it.

This Fatwa states that human activities, particularly emissions of greenhouse gases from deforestation, forest fires, fossil fuel usage, waste, agriculture, and industrial practices, are among the primary drivers of climate change.

This Fatwa prohibits:

  1. Any actions that can lead to environmental harm and exacerbate the climate crisis;

  2. Uncontrolled deforestation and forest burning that disrupt natural ecosystems, causing massive releases of greenhouse gases and any action that reduces the earth's ability to absorb and store carbon.

This Fatwa highlights that mitigation and adaptation are essential for addressing the climate crisis and invites all levels of society to actively contribute to fighting climate change. It also encourages communities to reduce their carbon footprint in daily activities and underscores the importance of efforts for a just energy transition.

This Fatwa also recommends various proactive roles that can be carried out by every stakeholder – from central and regional governments, business people, educational institutions, and religious leaders to the broader community – to emphasize the importance of collective action. This is because the climate crisis affects not only environmental conditions but also various other sectors of life – including economic, social, political, cultural, health, welfare, and security.


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