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Climate Breakfast with
Islamic Leaders

Climate Breakfast with Islamic Leaders, organized by FPCI Climate Unit in collaboration with the 1000 Abrahamic Circles Project, brought together Islamic leaders to address the pressing issue of climate change. The program aims to foster a deep understanding of the climate crisis, its impact on communities, and religious leaders' role in advocating sustainable solutions. 


The discussion revolves around the urgent need for Islamic leaders to address climate change and advocate for sustainable solutions. It emphasizes the role of religious leaders in educating communities, implementing environmental practices, and collaborating with various stakeholders to tackle the climate crisis effectively. Through this particular series, religious leaders successfully conveyed climate messages to their congregations during madrasah sessions and Friday prayers.

Participating Islamic Leaders

  1. Dr. Andang Heryahya, M.Pd.I, M.Pd., Tazkia Islamic University College (Institut Tazkia)

  2. Dr. Fahmi Salim Zubair, Lc. M.A., Tabligh Institute (Majelis Tabligh) PP Muhammadiyah

  3. Ustadz Irfan Helmi, S.S., M.E., Indonesian Ulama Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) DKI Jakarta

  4. Ustadz Nur Fajri Romadhon, Lc., King Abdulaziz University

  5. Ustadz Oji Fahruroji, Jagat Arsy Islamic Boarding School

  6. Ustadzah Khoirun Nisa, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta

  7. Ustadz Eky Fuady, Asshiddiqiyah Islamic Boarding School

  8. Ustadz Baharuddin Ardani, Darus Sunnah Islamic Boarding School

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